Bite believes that eating local is part of a bigger picture, the slow food movement. A movement that believes the future of food is the future of the planet. That food should nourish a healthy lifestyle, and be fresh, seasonal and local. And it provides us with a smaller carbon footprint in the process. We believe in using nontoxic cleaners in the restaurant. Our organic grounds now include a beehive, composting, recycling, and re-purposing bins.

Bite is a casual restaurant with a very unique menu that believes that food feeds not just a person’s hunger but also their soul. A come as you are BYOB restaurant that works with local farmers and believes in supporting the community. Bite grows on its two-acre property organic vegetables, herbs, fruits, and nuts.

Bite offers catering, delivery, to go dining, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free items on our menu that changes with the seasons.

Bite Restaurant opened in April, 2012, owned by Marc and Rachel Seeberger.

Marc and Rachel met and married 20 years ago. Marc a classically trained chef and Rachel a foodie by heart and a corporate professional by trade decided on their Wedding Day that this was a common goal to work towards. Three teenagers and many years later they have fulfilled their goal and have many more plans in store for the restaurant.

“We believe in old school techniques, scratch cooking, and clean ingredients. We love our customers and it shows in our service and food.”

Marc and Rachel Seeberger, Owners of Bite Restaurant


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